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I am horrified by this. Rainbow Rowell is an amazing writer. She’s one of my…

New Website and New Book

Okay, boys and girls, I’ve got a new Emily McKay website coming soon. Very soon, I hope.

However, I also have a new book, The Lair, coming out November 5, 2013. Just in case it arrives before the new website, I wanted you to know where to find info about the series. The Farm series has it’s own website that you can visit here. I’ve included a little info about The Farm and The Lair below.

Set in a creepy, post-apocalyptic world where vampire-like mutants called Ticks roam the countryside, The Farm is the first novel in the trilogy, supplemented by exclusive on-line content, an independent website for the National Disease Pandemic Control Organization, Twitter content, and e-shorts. Enter the world of The Farm. You may never escape!

Click here for more information on the books

Upcoming events for The Lair

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