Her Wildest Dreams

51JYNKWDKJL._SS500_Shy, frumpy Jane Demeo has always assumed that her gorgeous boss, Reid Forester, would never look twice at her. But now she’s had enough of fading into the background! She’s going to embark on a life-changing make-over – and become a new person … in every sense!

When the freshly made-over Jane bumps into Reid, he doesn’t recognize her – though it’s clear he definitely likes what he sees! So Jane let’s him think that she’s Sasha, his new colleague! Her seduction of her boss had begun…

But it can only be a matter of time before Reid discovers the truth. When he does, will he want the real Jane, or is he only interested in sexy Sasha …?

Backstory and Excerpt coming Soon!


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Her Wildest Dreams is available used from on-line retailers or new as part of a digital bundle, The Best of Makeovers Bundle. So enjoy!

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