Tempted Into The Tycoon’s Trap

Tempted Into The Tycoon's TrapCece Cassidy was used to writing the story, not being it. Yet somehow the tabloids had figured out her passionate history with Jack Hudson…and his connection to the dark-haired little boy she’d “adopted.” Too bad her baby’s father was the last to know. Now Jack was going all caveman on her, forcing her into a lavish Tinseltown wedding with none of the marital…benefits. The movie mogul had stomped on her heart yet again, but she couldn’t help craving his touch–and wishing she could give their tempestuous romance a Hollywood ending….


Tempted into the Tycoon’s Trap is the second book in the Hudsons of Beverly Hills Desire continuity. Here’s the thing about continuities: they are editor generated. So that means the editorial staff comes up with a general idea for the story arch, story blurbs for each of the books (including character names, etc) and then picks the authors they want to participate. So the fact that the editors asked me to write a book in a continuity was so exciting for me. I agreed to do the continuity before knowing anything about the story at all. I was just so honored to be asked! And then I found out the stories took place in Hollywood. I was over the moon! Finally, my fifteen years of reading Entertainment Weekly were going to pay off!

This book was thrilling and fun to write. Just a blast! Plus there’s a tiny thread of the story that takes place during World War II. The men and women who lived through that time period have always had a special place in my heart, so Lillian’s storyline was especially touching to me.

As an interesting side note, I dedicated this book to my grandmother, Hope Eleanor Gaskill Gray Caton. She and my grandfather lived through that difficult time period. He served in the army, though never overseas. Just for the record, my grandmother was never a Parian cabaret signer. Far from it. But when I was writing Lillian, I tried to channel my grandmother’s strength of will.

A side note that’s perhaps less interesting to others is that my grandmother has approved of my career as a romance writer. She’s used words like “trash” and “smut” to describe my books. She told me reading my first book made her sick to her stomach. I’ve done my best to shrug it off. Since this book was dedicated to her, she decided to give my work another try. This time she skipped the sex scenes. Smart move. Turns out, she liked it! In fact, she’s read it more than once and is now starting on my other books. And, she’s reading other fiction, to boot. At ninety-two, my grandmother has started enjoying fiction. I’m so proud of her for being open-minded enough to give Romance another try!

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